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Roofers in New Hampshire Winter

Here in New Hampshire, it’s been exceptionally windy lately!

And because of that, we’ve had a few NH homeowners reach out to our team because they’ve had some home siding and vinyl roofing issues. We recommend that homeowners always inspect their home after recent windy weather, as not only can the weather itself cause problems, but flying debris can damage your home as well.

 1. Wait until AFTER the weather subsides to check your home for damage. Not only can it be unsafe depending on the weather, many homeowners are relieved after checking, and then forget to follow up afterwards again.

 2. Look for pealing and/or missing shingles, as well as siding. These are obvious signs of wear, and should be fixed before they become bigger problems.

 3. Don’t just look for changes in your home’s exterior. Listen for creaks and whines as well. Depending on visibility, you may not be able to see changes in your roofing or siding, but you can sometimes hear that something has been damaged.

And, with Spring almost here, it’s a great time for New Hampshire homeowners to schedule a FREE in-home consultation with one of our specialists at Norton Construction.

Our team can also give you a free quote on your next home project. Just give us a call, or you can send us a message here, to book your appointment.