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Fall Home Prep for NH HomeownersThe foliage is starting to change colors, the last legs of summer are giving way to dropping temperatures…autumn is upon us. New Hampshire homeowners can consult this list of home prep tips to get ready for the changing seasons.

  • Inspect roofs for tree debris or leaf litter. Leaf debris buildup can erode roofing due to the tannic acid leaching out of them; have you ever seen a puddle filled with leaves? That dark brown color is tannic acid. Imagine what that’ll do to your roof over time!
  • Regular gutter cleaning — leaving that debris in your gutter could cause trapped water buildup that leaks down your home exterior, freezing and causing water damage. Scoop that leaf litter out (or call Norton Construction to take care of that for you!)
  • Attic insulation — keep the heat in and keep heating bills down from fall into winter with proper attic insulation.

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