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Roofing Contractors in Southern NH - Manchester, DerryHot August Nights– not just a Neil Diamond song.  They follow some brutal August days, where the sun beats down on your home all month.  

Don’t let yourself fall prey to the extreme temperatures!  What are some ways that Norton Construction can help beat the heat?


  • We can help you caulk and weatherstrip your doors and windows to keep the hot air out, at low cost of materials!
  • Put on your science hats:  Dark-colored homes absorb a large amount of the sun’s energy, resulting in higher temperatures.  By contrast, lighter homes will effectively reflect that heat, cooling your home! The same goes for lighter drapes and blinds.
  • Shade screens– installed on the exteriors of windows, these also reduce heat energy entering in through windows.
  • Protect porches and decks from the sun with a proper UV-proof seal-coating; it’s kind of like sunblock for your porch.

How about humidity?  Is your paint bleaching, chipping or cracking?

Check the location!  Is it on the exterior of an area of the house with a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom?  Humidity seeps into these moist-room walls and affects the paint on the outside of your home.  Make sure these rooms are properly ventilated, and your exterior paint is suited for home protection.

Call Norton Construction today for a quote to heat-proof your home exterior!