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Winter Home Preparations

Winter is coming.  And that means winter storms, power outages and COLD. 

As homeowners in New Hampshire, we need to have winter preparedness kits on hand. For example, snow shovels, pet-safe rock-salt ice melt, heating fuel (firewood or generator fuel), blankets and bundling clothes, food, water, batteries, flashlights, and candles.  But how do we screen our homes to prepare for the oncoming storm?  

Here are some tips from Norton Construction to make sure your home is winter-ready:

  • Insulate your attics, basements, and walls, and tape sheeted plastic over windows; weatherstrip your windows and other moving entryways to your home.
  • Repair and seal drafty spots–windows, roofs, ducts, you name it– to make it easier on your heating system and plummet those heating bills!
  • Schedule an annual professional servicing of furnaces and heating systems– if you need a replacement, keep energy efficiency in mind!
  • Test your roof for leaks to determine if your roof will hold the weight of the snow, and not become an open-air patio on a particularly snowy day.
  • Clear your gutters to prevent ice dams that invite unwanted water into your home through roof and walls– run water through your gutters to check for any leaks or defects!
  • Insulate your pipes to prevent ice buildup, bursting and flooding.

After all is said and done, home repair emergencies do arise during winter storms.  When that happens, call Norton Construction for your emergency repair and pre-screening needs.

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