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Norton Construction Lawn Care Tips

Summer’s here, and it is the ideal time to get your lawn looking ship-shape.  

Here are 6 lawn care tips for New Hampshire/New England residents from Norton Construction.

  1. Don’t get lawn paranoia.  Your lawn is on nature time.  Time spent neurotically manicuring your lawn is wasted time.
  2. Invest time in sharpening your mower blade.  It might be a chore, but a sharper tool makes for a more efficient job done.
  3. Your lawn needs water if it hasn’t rained in awhile, or if the grass doesn’t spring up right away after trodding on it.  Don’t overwater the lawn!
  4. If spending a lot of time outdoors at home/in general, check for ticks at least once a day up to 3 times daily.  Deer ticks have a distinct size and shape, and they carry Lyme. If you get bit and Lyme symptoms appear, break out the doxycycline and Japanese knotweed tincture protocol!
  5. Summer is the season where everything is in full bloom and shedding pollen like nobody’s business.  Be aware of allergy remedies while working outdoors, and don’t exclude natural options.
  6. Projects like raking the lawn– depending on the size of the lawn– can feel like a chore.  Invite friends over to have a brew and get it raked!

Bonus:  Mosquitoes dislike smoke.  A simple smudge-fire in a coffee can with billowy smoke carried around for yard work will drive those buggers away.  Alternatively, cigar smoke will keep them at bay.

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