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3 Reasons Spring Time Construction is a Great Time for a New Project

We know winter has taken every opportunity to remind us it is still here, but spring is around the corner! With that being said it is important to get out your schedule. Outdoor projects will be here soon and these are 3 reasons to choose spring for your new roofing and siding project!

1. Winter Ideas are Fresh in The Mind

All winter long we are looking at projects to complete, ways to improve our house. If you get your roof done in the spring, your other summertime projects can be spent on the ground.

2. Temperatures are consistent and Cool

This may sound like our benefit only, but consistent temperatures are a great thing for new roofs. A new roof takes time to set in, during the summer and winter months temperature fluctuation can cause wrinkling and damage your roof.

3. You Get Ahead of The Summer Crunchtime

The summertime is a great time to get your roof done, but that is when everyone is already thinking the same thing! Beat them to it, if you schedule your appointment for the spring you will have it out of the way and won’t have to potentially wait until late summer or early fall!

There are more than 3 reasons springtime is a great time for a new roof. Timing, weather, and scheduling are key variables but a beautiful new roof is another plus.

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