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While we are in the midst of blazing August, it’s never too early to consider how your home’s roof will weather the winter. 

Here are 4 solid reasons to make sure your roof is strong come the cold season:

1️⃣ Heating: Damage to your roof’s insulation can cause heat loss in the home; beat the freeze in advance by calling professionals to inspect your roof.

2️⃣ Profit: A penny saved by ensuring your roof is properly insulated is an extra penny earned when the heating bill arrives.

3️⃣ Safety: Weathered roofs that are overdue for inspection could fall prey to collapse with intense New Hampshire snowfalls.

4️⃣ Resale value:  when the home appraisers come a-knocking, you’ll be confident in your home’s resale value after remedying that problem roof.

For professional home inspection in the Southern NH area, contact Norton Construction for a quote today!