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Being a homeowner comes with many challenges when considering the safety of your household.

Your roof is one of those things that you simply cannot compromise. Here are 5 important signs your roof may need replacing.


1. Damaged & Missing Shingles ⚡

One of the fastest ways to determine whether your roof may need replacing is the sign of missing or damaged shingles.

Shingles come in many materials, shapes, and sizes and with that comes different advantages and setbacks for longevity. With time your shingles will naturally deteriorate. Usually showing heavy discoloration, curling, or in some instances missing altogether. Although these signs don’t come off alarming for most, if untreated they can lead to eventual catastrophic damage that could have been prevented.

2. Leaking In The Home 💧

A more obvious sign your roof is damaged is If you start seeing leaks inside the home.

When your roof is not maintained, or unexpected damages have happened you could see the unfortunate event of leaking or flooding inside your home. When this happens the leak can cause unexpected damages, including damage to your rafters, ceiling joists, framing, and exterior trim. Which broadens the scope of what seemed like a harmless leak. Not to mention the likely risk of damage to your property inside the home.

3. A Curved Roofline 🏡

The next time you are outside your home, take a moment to look at the symmetry in your roofline. 

Your roofline should be strong, consistent, and straight. This should go without saying, but it’s often one of the main signs that get ignored. A sagging or bowing roofline could mean structural compromise due to damaged roof materials, usually caused by water saturation. If you notice this, it’s important to act quickly to avoid the damage accelerating. The worst-case scenario is gone unchecked, the roof can completely cave in on itself.

4. The Attic Light 🔦

One of the first steps you should take in investigating your roof is actually the attic. 

If you’re a homeowner with an attic, an effective way to see if your roof is in need of repair is to thoroughly inspect the roof lining inside your attic. Go in with a flashlight and take your time looking around. If you see exterior light shining through or any exposure that is a signal that your roof is leaking.

5. Roof Lifespan ⏳

Another sign that your roof may be damaged is simply time.

If you have an older home it’s important to know when the last roof was installed. Roofs can be made of a variety of materials all of which have their own differences in lifespan. The most common roofs we see today are ones with asphalt, and 3 tabbed shingles. If installed properly, and with adequate ventilation, you can expect 25+ years out of that roof. If there is any question if your roof is damaged, It’s best practice to get your roof inspected, and always consult a professional.

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