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Having a strong roof overhead is important for many reasons, but safety and energy efficiency are two that we most often refer too. Even if you have not owned your home for 10+ years, it’s best to keep an eye out for some signs that your roof or shingles may need to be replaced. After working for over 25 years in residential roofing and home construction projects, we’ve gotten pretty good at being able to know how much life is left in the roof, and whether it needs repairs or replacement.

1. Curling shingles.

Shingles tend to “lift up” when they are exposed to the elements for a longer period of time. This is especially true for homes in New England, as we see some of the fiercest of weather changes. From humid summer heat to heavy winter snow, our roofs take a beating. Quality materials, such as Owen’s Corning, can extend the life of your roof. Roofing shingles will curl on the lip of the shingle, or in the center. If you look up at your roof and see the edges or inconsistencies, you may want to get your roof inspected. Often, when shingles curl, it is a sign that a roof should be replaced within 5 years.

2. Cracked / Worn Shingles

Roof Repair Services in NH

Just like shingles warp, they will crack and show other signs of wear over time. Discoloration, or peeling are other signals that the roof is aging. While you may be able to replace or repair specific shingles, it is a good idea to get inspected so you are aware of the available options. This roof had some serious peeling and missing shingles.

3. Sunlight / Water Leaks from Roof

If noticed, this one is one of the most obvious, but usually the last sign. If there are gaps allowing for sunlight or water to get in, which are usually in the attic, you should have your roof inspected. These broken areas can lead to bigger issues, especially in the winter time, when snow will be piled on top.

4. Sagging Roof.

Another big one. If you look at your home’s roof, and you see sagging, or areas where there is a depression in the roof, this is an urgent sign that the roof should be inspected as soon as possible. While there may not always be an immediate danger, this usually means there is some sort of structural problem that needs to be addressed. Sagging or drooping can be localized in small areas, or become much larger, so it’s important to remember that the entire roof should be carefully reviewed for any inconsistencies.

5. Time. It’s been 20 – 25 years.

A good residential roof should last at least 25 years. This is assuming it has been installed properly, and quality materials were used. Norton Construction LLC and Owen’s Corning roofing products come with a 50 year warranty. Using these great products you know you are making an investment in your home.

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