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Tips For Home Owners

5 Tips To Protect Your Home

Home ownership is an important investment.

In order to protect and maximize that investment, we recommend doing each of the below every 6 months:

 1. Do a ground level inspection:

From the front and rear of the house, you want to look for peeling roofing tiles, cracks, and missing materials. Getting them repaired can save significant costs over time, preventing small issues like missing roofing tiles leaking and damaging other home materials.

 2. Get gutters professionally cleaned:

Home gutters are so valuable in keeping ground areas clean, draining excess water, and add value to your home. But maintaining them is important. Twice a year, get them cleaned, and they will last you for decades.

 3. Inspect for moss, algae, and mold:

Moss, algae, and mold can cause problems over long periods of time. Get these unwelcome visitors removed as soon as you see them and you’ll never have to worry about them causing damage.

 4. Inspect insulation and cracks:

Keep the heat in, and the cold out. Inspecting insulation and entry ways for cracks and damage not only saves on heating costs, it can also prevent further wear and tear. Check attics and attached garages as well.

 5. Trim overhanging tree limbs:

We love a great yard and garden, but sometimes trees can get in the way of safety. Keeping limbs trimmed can prevent roof damage, nearby wires, and more, less likely to be damaged. Get a professional to remove them too, they have all the tools and experience to do the job right and safely.

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