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Norton Construction Siding Services

Did you know Norton Construction offers quality siding services?

Most people buy home siding based on a “promised” service length.  Replacing the siding on your home can have lasting effects on your home’s protection from the elements, as well as manage energy better. Not only that, new siding looks great.

However, there’s no substitute for proper treatment and a good wash.  This often forgotten maintenance, can add to the life of your home’s siding. Sure, all of our siding comes with a lifetime warranty, but conservation is key! Keeping your home siding in proper condition can actually prevent other related problems, such as mold, or water damage.

Norton Construction uses quality vinyl siding products, which rarely need repainting.  PVC resins and acrylics that comprise the vinyl also don’t rot!

You might ask why using quality siding products for your home is important. Your home’s siding is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, and it also keeps your heat bill down by keeping heat in. A higher quality product will not only do this better, for a longer period of time, but also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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