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NH Roofing Contractors near Manchester

‘Tis the season… for heating bills!  How do you keep those pesky Grinches from ruining your holiday cheer?  

Here are some tips from Norton Construction:

Invest in insulation:  make sure your attic, roof and outside facing walls are properly insulated to keep the heat in!  To test walls, use a temperature gauge on the indoor-side of a wall and the outdoor-side of the same wall; the difference between the two might represent heat loss.  Norton Construction can help you with this!

Seal windows, unused doors and cracks:  rubber seal or shrink wrap your windows so cold air doesn’t creep in past your window frames!  Also seal unused entryways and any cracks on outward-facing walls!

Remove debris: Any plant debris left over from autumn resting on your heating system will not bode well for keeping you warm!  Make sure leaf litter is cleared from your heater! And if you have a heat pump system, be mindful of snow buildup, as that could affect its function.

And last but not least, bundle up, and have a happy holiday season from Norton Construction!