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Roofing in Southern NH[/fusion_text]

Hate unforeseen roof repairs?

Stay on top of your roof’s maintenance by looking out for these common roof problems:

Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense from the elements.  If your shingles look like they are bending, warped, bubbling, missing, or broken, it may be time to replace them.  New shingles are cheap compared to the damage that could happen to your roof due to shoddy shingles.

Cracked/worn rubber boots around vent pipes, cracked caulk flashing, and rust can cause water to seep into your roof.  Water damage is a big hassle. And especially with New England weather’s humid summers and frigid winters, the changing temperatures is another culprit of damage to shingles. Prevent this by replacing boots, shingles, and caulk flashing and corroding drain pipes!

Keep an eye out for vegetation:  moss and lichen growth are warning signs of internal roof decay.  Tree branches touching your roof will allow the spread of moss and algae.  Cut the branch, cut the source of the problem!

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