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heck for mold, cracks, and breaks

New England weather patterns can be harsh. From icy winters, to scorcher summers, our homes take a beating.

And wood, vinyl, – or any home construction material can really only handle so much of this for so long. Often, when there’s an issue with shingles on a roof, attics can leak, or allow more air in, causing damage to nearby materials over time.

And most often, the attic is the most easily ignored. You want to keep an eye out for signs of wear, cracks forming, or discoloration.

Prevent Pests

Rodents can wreak havoc in an attic. Chewing basically everything in sight, these are the guys you do not want around.

Not only a hazard to the home, but pests also present health risks. Keep ears and eyes open for traces of these unwelcome characters!

Ditch the Dust

Clean air is invaluable. Opening up the windows and doors and letting in fresh air is important in a home.

And again, since it’s out of sight, the attic is usually the last to get attention. And while air contaminants in the attic aren’t seen, they can affect air quality in the rest of the home.

Check the Roof!

Last but not least, cleaning out the attic gives better access to the roof inside the home.

In our experience, prevention is the best bet here. Catching leaks or damage early, can extend the lifespan of your roof.

Visit Norton Disposals

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