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Roofers in New Hampshire Winter

Lately, with some recent warm days in New Hampshire before Winter, we’re reminded that these are the ideal conditions for a roof replacement.

Usually homeowners want to get their roof replaced before issues arise. But sometimes, we find out at times that are less than ideal. And the conditions in the Winter are the most likely to impact a roof’s conditions. The cold temperatures mixed with addition wear and tear can uncover existing problems pretty quick.

So what should you do?

When you can, scheduling an inspection earlier in the year is always recommended. But if it’s already too late, and it’s the middle of Winter, fortunately there are options!

Over the 25+ years Norton Construction has been in operation, we have had to do a few full-roof replacements in the winter.

Winter roof replacements present additional challenges, such as slippery surfaces, and shingles are best installed in temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So in the case a roof does need to be completely removed and installed, it’s always necessary to make sure the roof is clear of snow and ice, as well as installed on a warmer day. And, in below-freezing temperatures, the sealing process can’t happen, so this can cause Winter roof projects to take longer.

However, sometimes the entire roof doesn’t need to be replaced. It can be repaired, temporarily, until the weather conditions improve. Replacing or patching individual areas of the roof is not always an option, but if possible it can save time and money, and then the full roof can be replaced in the early Spring.

Do you need a roof inspection? Or want to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants? Contact Norton Construction to set up a free remote or in-home consultation and quote!