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Norton Exteriors - Winterizing Home

It is crucial to get your house ready for the impending cold, snow, and ice as winter draws near. By skipping these important tasks, you risk future expensive repairs and higher energy costs.

We are experts in home exteriors at Norton Exteriors, which includes roofing, siding, doors, windows, and more. With the help of practical examples, we’ll go deeper into the art of winterizing your home in this extensive blog article to make sure your home is kept warm, comfortable, and well-protected during the winter.

Roofing Robustness 🏡

Example: During a particularly significant snowfall last winter, John, a homeowner in our neighborhood, discovered a leak in his roof. Upon inspection, it was found that the weight of the snow had broken a few tiles. This incident emphasizes how crucial routine roof maintenance is.

Check your roof, as John did, for any missing or broken shingles. Make sure that the flashing is still in place around any roof penetrations, such as vents or chimneys. For more durability, think about upgrading to impact-resistant shingles or a metal roof.

Windows and doors that are energy-efficient 🪟

As an illustration, Sarah, another local homeowner, observed that the winter months saw a sharp increase in her energy costs. She significantly reduced her heating expenditures after switching to energy-efficient windows and doors.

Invest in windows and doors that are more insulated by having low U-values and high R-values. As Sarah discovered, the use of several panes, low-emissivity coatings, and gas fills between glass layers improves energy efficiency.

Norton Exteriors - Winter

Elimination of Ice Dams ❄️

Tom, a nearby homeowner, experienced ice dams accumulating on his roof. As a result, his attic and inner walls suffered damage from water intrusion.

In order to avoid ice dams, make sure your attic is sufficiently insulated. With adequate insulation, snow on the roof is kept from melting and freezing at the eaves. Additionally essential to preventing ice dams is adequate ventilation.

Making Your Home Weatherproof ⛈️

Last winter, for instance, Lisa discovered drafts around her windows and doors, which made her house uncomfortable. Her home seemed cozier when the holes and cracks were sealed, and her energy costs dropped.

Check the exterior of your house for cracks and gaps. Weatherstripping or caulk can be used to seal them. For even better thermal protection, take into account incorporating or replacing siding with an insulated choice.

Excellence in Insulation ✅

Example: Mark, an older homeowner, noticed that his house was frequently chilly. He made the decision to spend money on contemporary insulation materials, which significantly increased comfort.

Replace your outdated insulation with more energy-efficient options. This investment improves overall comfort while simultaneously reducing energy use.

HVAC System Upkeep 📝

Example: On a chilly night, Laura’s heating system failed. She discovered the hard way how important routine HVAC maintenance is. She may have avoided a chilly night without heat with a quick inspection.

Before winter approaches, schedule a professional HVAC maintenance inspection. Make sure your system is running effectively by changing the filters and cleaning the ducts. This little investment can stop expensive breakdowns.

Winter landscaping 🌨️

Michael suffered considerable damage when a tree branch fell on his roof during a snowfall. This may have been avoided by pruning branches that were hanging too low.

To prevent potential damage to your home and to assure your safety during winter storms, trim any overhanging tree branches.

Norton Exteriors - Pipes

Pipe protection 🔧

Example: During a particularly cold spell, Emily’s plumbing burst, causing significant water damage. This expensive incident would have been avoided if she had insulated her exposed pipes.

To avoid freezing, insulate exposed pipes in unheated regions. Allow faucets to leak on exceptionally cold nights to keep water flowing and prevent freezing.

Rechargeable Power Solutions ⚡

As an illustration, a winter storm left James’ family without power for several days. He understood the value of having a backup generator to maintain the functionality of crucial appliances.

To guarantee you have electricity during power outages brought on by winter storms, think about purchasing a generator or whole-house backup system.

An expert exterior home inspection 🔍

Example: Mary hired a specialist to inspect the exterior of her home before winter arrived. Her siding had problems that the technician found that might have allowed moisture to seep in during the winter.

Give professional home exterior inspections by Norton Exteriors top priority. As they did for Mary, they can spot future problems and make suggestions for upkeep or repairs.


You can successfully winterize your home and safeguard your investment by following these detailed procedures and real-world examples. Take proactive steps now to ensure a warm, cozy, and secure home throughout the winter instead of waiting for the chill to set in. Make an appointment for an inspection with Norton Exteriors right away to make sure your home is prepared for the demands of winter. Keep yourself cozy and worry-free this winter!


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