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Norton Construction, Home Contractors, Derry NH

Fall is the perfect season to get all your home projects done.

Norton Construction are top-rated home contractors in Southern New Hampshire. Check out our tips for making the most out of Autumn for your home, and before the cold weather sets in.

Insulate the attic:  Arguably better done in the Fall than Summer; the Summer heat kills in an attic.  Best to insulate your attic in the fall, when it’s cool and pleasant. And maybe clean out a bit so you have less to worry about come Springtime!

Energy efficiency: Save money by sealing any cracks to prevent regulated heat from escaping, jacking up the cost of your heating bills!

Painting (esp. Front door): Exterior painting will help your home stand out; a sharply-contrasted and high-quality front door can breath new life into a home.

Clean out Gutters: Clean and empty gutters thoroughly to prevent ice and water damage to your exterior, which could leak into your home’s interior. Here are more recommendations on keeping gutters clean.

Ready to get started? Contact Norton Construction to complete your next home construction project.