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Norton Construction Keep the Summer Heat OutNH Homeowners have a lot to consider when buying, or fixing up a home. Harsh winters and humid summers can put our homes to the test, but with the right planning — we can be confident in our investment.


Entryways to the house are the most important to consider when keeping the heat out, and the cool air in. Getting your windows and doors inspected, and sealed or fixed as needed can do wonders for comfort in the home, as well as the utility bill. And well placed blinds (some work with home assistant systems) — can keep the temperatures down during the day.

Air Conditioning/Fans:

Outdated air conditioning systems can be inefficient and costly — not to mention difficult to maneuver and potentially hazardous. We can make some great recommendations on new systems, whether central cooling, or standalone units. Well placed fans can also extend the reach and improve overall airflow throughout the home. These low-cost solutions can make dealing with the summer heat a breeze. Even better: A ceiling fan can do wonders for in-home air circulation, and can bring a fresh look to a room. These are easily installed at home or by a local home construction professional.

Schedule Inspections:

Our roof and decks get the most exposure to the elements, so they’re often the first to show signs of wear. If you see cracking, peeling, or missing shingles, you may want to get an inspection. And a special UV-Coating may be worth considering for especially sunny patios and decks. It can pay to protect your investment!

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