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Norton Construction NH Home Contractors


Just who are we and what do we do, anyway?  

Norton Construction offers several home construction services in New Hampshire.

We are roofers:  As George Carlin once famously oversimplified, “a house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it.”  We make sure that cover doesn’t leak and your stuff is dry and safe, from shingling to sealing.

We do siding:  The sides of your home also need to be crucially weatherproofed.  And it doesn’t hurt to make them look nice– they tend to be your neighbors’ first impression of your home.

We do entryways:  Doors and window installation are covered by us.  We can help you get them set up for success.  We can’t make your friends close them gently, though.

We do decks:  Or porches, or patios, if you prefer them to be called.  Either way, they’re a great summer spot to have a cold one.

Ready to get started? Contact Norton Construction today for a quote.  We think you’ll be pleased with the job we do.