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Spring Roofing Checkup 2019

Spring is Here!

We emerge from our groundhog holes into the beautiful sunny springtime after that bitter winter we just had.  But are we thinking about our roofs? They might need a checkup! Norton Construction roofers have you covered.

Here are 3 things to look for when doing your Spring Roofing Checkup

Gutter cleaning / damage

If you didn’t clean your gutter before winter, you may already have experienced ice dams during winter that have damaged your home.  Don’t be THAT schmo! Clean your gutters BEFORE winter and avoid the issue altogether!

Loose roofing materials

These can trap water underneath and cause damage.  Secure those materials down!

Stains on ceiling from water leaks

The gist of this entire public service announcement — water damage = bad look.  Look for stains inside your home; these could’ve also been caused by ice dams. Your roof needs proper ventilation to safeguard against stains and avoid repair costs.

Norton Construction offers roofing and gutter cleaning services near Derry, Londonderry, and Windham. Call Norton for a quote today!