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Norton Construction LLC NH Home Contractors

Can you feel it?  It’s still chilly, but the snow’s melting… spring is almost here!  

And Norton Construction wants you to be mindful of spring cleaning that’ll save you trouble down the line.  Here are 4 tips to help you make your home fresh for the onset of spring:

Replace Your HVAC Filters

New year, new air.  Out with the old stale filters, in with fresh indoor air that makes your home feel more welcome.  Replacing your filters can make a noticeable difference.

Check Shingles

After a harsh winter season where your shingles took a beating from the elements, it only makes sense to check ‘em.  Even slat and rubber shingles can warp in the extreme cold. Better safe than leaky!

Check Gutters

Even if you cleaned these in the fall, some roofing material may have made its way into your gutters.  Might as well sanity check to avoid future issues.

Overall Roof Integrity

Make sure your roof isn’t bowing in any places from snow weight; take note of any subtle unevenness in your roof and call Norton with any question!

BONUS:  5. Schedule/checklist.  Before even heading out to get a glimpse of your home exterior, write down a battle plan/schedule.  Save it, laminate it, and use it year after year!