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Norton Construction - Roof Cleaning

Is it necessary to clean your roof? 

Here are some key takeaways for why you should have your roof cleaned routinely.


1. Clean Presentation ✨

Aside from the benefits of your roof having a nicer look, there is a more practical reason.

Having your roof cleaned annually gives you peace of mind knowing that a professional has ensured that there are no extensive damages. Cleaning your roof can give it a nicer look that gives your home more curb appeal, increasing its perceptive value to others.

2. Life Extension 🧬

Cleaning your roof annually will keep your shingles and other roofing materials in longer-lasting condition.

Your roof endures the natural elements throughout the seasons, causing wear and tear. Stormy days can leave debris such as dirt, moss, branches, and even fungus stuck to your roof. Over time without intervention, this can cause damage to your roof that could have been prevented by a simple annual check-up and cleaning.

3. It’s more than you think 🤔

Without annual cleaning, there are risks that could be even more detrimental.

The issue with roof cleaning is that the majority of people underestimate the potential risks if left unchecked. It’s not just dirt and tree limbs you have to worry about, for example, moss has the ability to hold moisture for prolonged periods of time. This creates a perfect environment for there to be wood rot on your roof, increasing the probability of leaking will occur.

4. Prevention is the best deterrent  🦺

Being mindful of the surroundings of your home can help keep your roof safe.

Next time you’re outside your home or in the yard, pay attention to the tree line and see if there are any potential dangers you see. Being mindful of not only your trees but the surrounding houses as well is a good strategy of ensuring that a bad storm won’t be the end of your roof. This will also limit the amount of debris that accumulates over time.

5. Pay now or Pay More Later 💳

Your roof is a lifeline in making sure your household is safe. Compromising is not advised.

Cleaning your roof annually can actually save you money in the long run, while mitigating unexpected roof repairs. Yes, you are spending money every year on cleaning maintenance, but in return, you are getting reassurance on the state of your roof and making sure there are no damages causing substantial financial loss. It’s like getting your car’s oil changed periodically, although it costs you money routinely you are saving with what would be considerably more in damages to your engine and wallet!


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