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Norton Construction LLC Derry NH

In response to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we have some updates to share.

Since Norton Construction is an essential business, we plan to remain open and providing services to customers at this time.

We are making some adjustments to protect our customers as well as our team members:

  • Our team is now practicing “social distancing” by keeping a 6 foot distance in all in-person meetings with clients or during work
  • In addition to frequent hand washing, we are also now bringing hand sanitizer and disinfectant products to project sites
  • We are asking our team to stay home if they are experiencing any any new cold or flu symptoms
  • In-home consultations can be done outside, or via conference call, depending on the project
  • We are also recommending digital payment methods or credit cards instead of cash or paper check to reduce the points of contact for our team and our customers

This is a difficult time for many homeowners, but we believe that as long as each of us does their part by being responsible, practice social distancing and hand washing, we can flatten the curve together and get back to our normal way of life.

Now is the time to continue with spring cleaning and home sanitation. You can reduce the chance of getting sick by sanitizing commonly contacted surfaces like doorknobs and handles, counter tops, and keeping floors clean.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us and let us know. We are committed to providing safe and sanitary services for our customers.