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Home Roofing Contractors Southern NH[/fusion_text]

As a homeowner in Southern NH, there are a lot of factors to consider when maintaining a healthy, secured roof.

Asphalt is the most prominent roofing material.  In fact, according to statistics, asphalt is used in four out of five roofing materials.

Risks to asphalt roofs include the following:  elements exposure– mother nature can wreak havoc on your roof, be it sunlight, wind, hail, rain, or snow.  Mother Nature can also cause growth on your roof of blue-algae, and drop tree and plant debris on your roof.

And then there’s the human element:  poor workmanship from your previous contractors has to be factored in, however unlikely, it is important to consider!

And an infrequent maintenance schedule on your part can lead to problems down the road for your roof’s integrity.  Check for unusual or imbalanced humidity and ventilation to prevent water damage.

Additional items to pay attention to on your roof: shingles, eaves-troughs (gutters), down spouts (or similar water spouts), skylights, vents, chimneys, and solar panels.

Contractors at Norton Construction will typically use a leaf blower to clear roof vegetation/debris, aiming downward so as not to embed the debris in your shingles.  Our contractors can also trim hard-to-reach branches.

A trowel can be used to scrape debris out of gutters.

Eaves/gutter protectors can also be added to reduce debris buildup in your gutters.

Norton Construction can also replace or repair shingles, and replace or install valley flashing, gutters, and/or downspouts. Contact us to get started on your next home project!