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Owens Corning - Norton Construction

Why is Owen’s Corning the best?

When it comes to roofing and insulation, you want to be sure you’re getting quality storm protection for your buck.  Here’s why Norton Construction chooses Owens Corning products, and why Norton is one of Owens Corning’s Preferred Contractors.

The Owens Corning brand offers multiple varieties of home roofing shingles with a muted, diverse color selection:  an array of colors that match your home best!  Not only are these quality products with an extensive product warranty – they are also made in a wide array of styles.

Even better, these shingles use Owens Corning’s SureNail® technology to give added protection, strong grip, and 130-mile-per-hour wind performance.  SureNail holds tight thanks to Owens Corning’s patented Tru-Bond® sealant; Owens Corning shingles stay put when New Hampshire winter weather is rough!

Lastly, these products provide a long-term value for your home. High quality insulation not only keeps the cold out, it also helps keep heating costs down.

Owens Corning offers their Total Protection Roofing System®, a trifecta of inclement weather defense:

  • Seal protection against ice and water
  • Shingles to defend against wind and storms
  • Intake/exhaust vents for a breathable attic (protects against mold, ice dams and heat buildup)

Leadership of Innovation: Owens Corning is always striving for the new, with a research and development division that seeks to expand its line of sealing and composite home construction products, always with the best quality around.

But you don’t have to believe the hype; see for yourself!

Or, contact us to get more information on how Owens Corning products could be a great match for your next home construction project.

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