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Roofers in New Hampshire Winter

Winter is here for us New Englanders! Not only does it create dangerous driving conditions, slippery sidewalks, and A LOT of shoveling. Snow accumulation on your roof can also cause a real headache or even worse – cost you money.

Are you ready for snow? Are you ready for when snow accumulates on your roof? For many home and business owners, snow can be a real hassle if not taken care of appropriately. In this blog post, we will go over what causes roofs to leak, some forms of damage, as well as the appropriate steps to take in order to stop damage to your roof.

Why Do Roofs Leak?

Simply put, moisture finds a pathway through roofing materials. Essentially, for a roof leak to occur, two factors need to be present. First, there needs to be an accumulation of some kind of moisture — (AKA: snow or rain). Second, there must be some avenue of intrusion for that moisture to follow.

One of the most commonly encountered roof leak scenarios we see in winter is the structural failure of the roof caused by accumulated snow or ice. 

Forms of Snow Roof Danger:

  • Gutters: It is extremely important to have your gutters clear of leaves, needles, and other debris before the cold weather starts. The less weight, the better. 
  • Icicles: Excessive weight of icicles can cause substantial roof damage – especially around the gutters of your home.
  • Strong Winds: Especially in New England, Winters are tough, Nor-Easters come about and these strong winds could potentially damage your roof, gutters, and much more. That is why it’s so important to take care of your roof whenever it snows. If parts of your roof on the ground, contact Norton Construction as soon as possible.
  • Hardened Snow: There is a big difference between light falling snow and hard-packed snow. After some time, snow will accumulate and become hardpacked on the roof. Once this happens, the weight starts to add on.  

When Is Snow Accumulation Removal Necessary?

First off – Here’s the EXTREMELY important thing. It is very dangerous to climb up on a roof, particularly one covered in snow and ice. The chance of slipping and falling is greatly increased in those conditions.

Secondly, adding your weight to the weight of the accumulated snow or ice can cause even more serious damage to your roof’s structural integrity. By climbing up there to remove the snow, you could quite possibly cause the very thing you’re seeking to avoid. By contacting Norton Construction we can help you navigate through the confusing process to make sure you are making the correct decisions. We are here for you every step of the way.

Overall, maintaining your roof from accumulating snow is essential and can save you a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

If you have any questions about how to maintain your roof during the Winter months please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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